Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sep in review LO and flowers

Hi Here is my Sep month in review, every month I see now my goals, hopes and dreams are going or not going that month, abit like a diary.

Anyway I did this for a sketch challenge on IB, and people wanted to know how I made these flowers, so here is the step by step photos, sorry I took the photos inside, but you get the idea. so have a bit of fun and have a go.

Also I have made 3 more flowers to give away so please leave a comment with your name and I will pick one Thursday night, and post the winner.

Close up of flowers

You need to cut approx a 4 inch square, out of your fabric.

Turn fabric the wrong way and bring all the corners together into the centre, use a stapler to staple all the corners together.

looks like a little bag

Turn it over and using your fingers pinch the middle of the bag and twist, pushing it down at the same time.

Using a paper piercer or an awl make a hole in the centre of the flower.

Place a brad in the hole to keep the flower together.

Use an iron on a high setting and give it a good press.

And you have one handmade flower! If you don't like the corners tuck them under the flower when you stick them down,

Have fun Gilly oxo.


Tarrah said...

Hi Nay and Gilly,
Love your blog and the flowers are so cute, count me in for the giveaway, thanks!!

KimA said...

cute flowers Gilly! definitely going to try them

Anthea said...

thanks for sharing!! they look great

Gina said...

Great tutorial!, will be having a go at these soon.
Love your blog banner :)

Donna said...

very cool... thanks so much.. got heaps of material I can do this with!

Dolly B said...

Very cool, thanks for sharing :) I will definately giving them a try. Love your blog banner it looks great

Moira said...

Really well explained! I'll definitely have a go at this!

Sandra said...

Oh wow... these are so very cute. Love the material that you have made them in.
Thanks for the tute clever chickadees.

Annette said...

Yay for me i did it, thanx Gilly love the instructions printed them out and will have a go soon. Cheers Annette

SueP said...

Wow, they look great Gilly....and look easy to do, will have to give them a whirl!!
Thanks for sharing a great idea!

Tina said...

Thanks for sharing, I'll have to try this.

Ebony van der Starre said...

Thanks for sharing Gilly, they look awesome. You are very clever! Love your websters book too. it is stunning

suzARTe said...

gorgeous flowers Gilly, got to have a go at making some. BTW its always nice meeting you at Fred the Needle, always so helpful and I really appreciate that :)