Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spring Woolies

Hi, This week we got lots of October Afternoon in, so you might abit of it being used in the next week.

I did this LO my a challenge on IB this month, the photos are of Milly in the garden early this month, hard to think its Spring when I had to put a hat on her head to keep her warm, even now while I'm sitting here the air con is on heat, lol.

Before I did this LO, I was inspired by Jodie Butler to go Op shopping and I found these knitting needles, which I just loved the colour of.

Also a big thanks to Jen who did some knitting for me, she hasn't knitted for a few years, another thing to learn one day, Thanks Gilly ox

Also forgot to say I had a project in Scrapbook Creations this month, I will post the LO in a few weeks.

I love using border punches, gives abit of texture to the page.

The old knitting Needles and Jen's knitting.

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Anonymous said...

love love love the knitting needles, what a great idea Gilly!!!