Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We are back and have a look at these.

Hi, Milly and I had a great time at Renee's, did abit of scrapping, shopping, pool party, school christmas show, cooking and Nay and I went to a crop at Flourish which was great, I got 2 layouts done and Renee only one, but we had such a good laugh I nearly wet myself, telling stories off going to night clubs and running down roads with high heels on drunk, (this was about ten years ago,) now if I had one drink I would have to go to bed lol.

Anyway I got today some cards made up and also a tshirt, car magnet and note pad, the photo is above, there where going to say Mum's, Best Friends, Scrapbooking and Yummy Mummy's but after the photo taken and put on the Boxx of Saturday night, the Yummy Mummy's might be abit far stretched lol! I might have to put the photo on after it's been photo shopped.

Thanks Gilly oxo

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