Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Mail!

Hi, Look what I got in the mail today some Yummy buttons from Shell, Thanks!
She sells them throught made it and Etsy , they are just soooo cute!
Also I finished my mini album it was bad light to take photos so I will do in the morning, which has been starting at about 10.00am while I've been on holidays, when Milly starts Kindy late this month I'm going to have to get up early about 7.00, I know you are saying that's not early, but I'm a night Owl, I scrap to about 12.00 on a work night and I love to sleep in.
Anyway back to work next week I think I'll make the most of it lol!

That's all folks! Thanks Gilly oxo

Oh I have a tip for you, if you can't find anything to wear, do the washing lol!


Sweet Escape said...

those buttons are awesome!!,,it's so fun getting presents in the mail!!!

Shell said...

Thanks for the button love and the plug Gilly. Im glad they made it to you safe. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them. xx