Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lola Milly's pet chook died.

Hi, Some sad news and good news, Lola Milly's white pet chook died last night, I think I was more upset than Milly, But Milly said that Lola is in Chook heaven and is going to be a chook angel, This is a LO I did when Milly first got the 2 chooks in July 2008, Lola is the white one.
The good news is Coco is moving his foot around and putting weigh on it again, a guy in the pet shop told us that some Guinea Pigs can lose movement in there back legs, and to give him vitamin c, Coco gets so much fresh food everyday, when I was little my guinea pig got grass and guinea pig food lol.

I did get a package today from Scrapware with lots of goodies, I'm looking forward to having a play That's all folks! Thanks Gillyox


Heidi said...

awwww. what a sweet perspective, though. love that layout. were they named after the cartoon?

jacque4u2c said...

Awe - I am so sorry - but what a fantastic layout of the memories.