Friday, January 29, 2010

Milly's first day in Kindy!

Hi, Just a quick one because I had to get up so early, I'm not a morning person. Anyway today was Milly's first day at Kindy ( from 5 to 6) don't ask me what's with the photos because Milly is such a little poser, I think that's what happens to scrapper kids lol!

Check out the dogs inside the door lol! yes they are dogs.

Well Milly had a great day and got the teacher she wanted and is also in the mixed Kindy and Grade 1 class, Milly's reads at a grade 2 level so the teacher said she will be doing alot of the grade 1 work, so Ben and I are both happy with that and so is Milly.
That's all folks! Thanks Gilly ox

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Toni said...

She looks really cute!!