Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday Bag

Hi, I just finished making this little bag for Ashleigh to take her dance shoes in for dancing.
You might notice the pattern in the fabric it's Cosmo Cricket Girl Friday, I just love this range.

For the Coco followers, he is great and has full use of his leg again and has put on more weight, he is 10.5 inches long now, will take a photo of him soon.

That's all folks! Thanks Gilly ox


Anonymous said...

I love the cheerful fabric you chose....can you make one for me now...please mommy! lol

ciao now..have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the bag Gill, Ashleigh LOVES it!

euphoria said...

super sweet bag!!! I love cosmo cricket!!!

Nay and Gilly said...

V Noice! awesome bag especially for a gorgeous lil' ballarina!

Mo said...

that bag is soooooo stinkin' cute! i love it! gimme gimme! yay for coco!!!! can't wait to see a pic!