Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hi, This is a Baby shower card which I made for tomorrow for my sister in law's baby shower, I used a Scrapware butterfly and alphas and also I lovely Jodie Butler flower.

Close up I painted the chipboard in white gesso then used rub ons over the top, you could do the same thing which stamping.

I just want to tell you a story which happened this week,
On Wednesday I was trying to get Milly out the door with my bag Milly's school bag, saying to Milly to come on and turn the TV off, I turned the light off, I was near the door, saying come on Milly get your hat, got out the door, running late as always, closed the door and then said where are my keys, I had locked my self out. No house keys, No cars keys and No work keys.
Then I had a bright idea to get Milly to jump over the side gate and take off her dress and go through the doggy door, well Milly did try but she got stuck and the worst part is Tess one of our dogs with really BAD breath was on the other side of the door licking Milly's face while she was stuck lol!
I can look back now and laugh and I didn't get into the house, but Milly did go to school and I went to work. So please don't forget your keys and don't make your child go through doggy doors with a smelly old bad breath dog on the other side lol!
That's all folks! Thanks Gilly ox

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Leanne said...

that is sooo soooo funny...a huge LOL... and keep laughing.. great sorry.. definately a scrappable moment..
oh and your card is amazing.. so much detail. and the butterfly is stunning..