Thursday, March 18, 2010

Off to see Renee and family tonight

HI, Well my bags and Milly's are packed ready to go, hope nothing good comes into work today because i don't think anything else would fit in my bag, but where there is a will there's a way lol!
It funny because our flight is at 8.00pm and we land at Brissy at 8.30 because of day light saving which I'm glad will be over soon.
Anyway Renee is having a Birthday Scrap PJ'S Party for me, with some friends we met on line through The Boxx, so I'll make sure we post some photos from the night, there is going to be wine too, which I don't normally drink because
A: I get silly,
B: I get hang overs which seem to last over a week,
C: I tell stories off the old days going out night clubbing,
D: And seem to go to the toilet alot.
But I've never scrapped drunk so it will be funny to see what my LO's look like lol!
I think this will be the first time I'm happy to have a birthday for awhile, so I'm going to be 35, which seems old to anyone who is 20, but to me I love by 30's I seem to becoming the women I want to be, I'm so lucky I have a great Hubby and beautiful and smart daughter Milly, have 2 best friends Renee and Jen, have lots of other friends, have a nice small house, have a great family on both sides, have a great job and be able to do something which I love scrapbooking.
I am so Thankful for all these things, I think they might be a LO in turning 35.
That's all folks! Gilly ox


aussiescrapper said...

Wow that is a lot of things to be very happy for, I hope you enjoy your trip, and it will be very interesting to see those post drinking layouts, lol, I agree my 30's was a lot of fun too. Love Melxx

Leanne said...

Have a great birthday!! I'm sure you will have a blast with your new friends! Looking forward to seeing the pics! hee hee...xx

Shell said...

YAY cant wait. Ill be the sober one so Ill remember EVERYTHING(insert evil laugh) lol.

Leanne said...

I'll evil laugh with Shell.. not a big drinker but might need one to quell my nerves.. all that talent under one roof..cant wait...
I'm sure wine or no its going to be a great night... even if i'm sharing the futon with Tracey..LOL... see you soon...

Tracy said...

Have a great time Gill and have a Happy Birthday. lol Tracy x

Debbie Lawrence said...

Ohhhhhh I'm a bit sad I missed checking your blog. Would've loved to catch up with you Gilly. Next time definately, I guess that will prob be June expo, can't wait.

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! HOpe you had a great time scrappin. I can't wait to see how you feel about scrappin drunk. I've done it a couple times (well, not drunk, but buzzed) and I find I scrap easier...I just throw down without overanalyzing everything (which is what i usually do). Anyhoo, hope you had a great time!