Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just some Layouts from Scrapbook Creations.

Hi, I haven't got any new LO's that I can show at the moment, so I thought I would up load some layouts which I have had in Scrapbook Creations since Sep last year.
At the moment Renee is moving and hasn't got the Internet on yet, so I thought I might up load her layouts at the end of this week I'll have to find them all first.
Anyway some of these photos aren't the best as that are older ones,I think over time you get better at taking photos of your LO's.

Milly and Ashleigh at Easter time, having an egg and spoon race.

Milly with her Teddy which daddy and I brought when she was born.

Milly in the garden, I think this is where I fell in love with Webster's Pages.

A photo of Milly by Corinne Dany.

Silly Milly at Christmas time.

My smart little monkey, photo taken just after Milly had a IQ test done.

Milly and Viola having a sleep over on Milly's 4th birthday.

Milly on her 5th birthday at Nana's house.

I love this skirt Milly got from my Aunty Jane in March last year and it still fits her.

A birthday card which I made for SC then gave it to Linda B for her birthday.

Milly on her 5th birthday.

My Hopes and Dreams for 2009, I did this as a step by step project.

Another photo by Corinne Dany, this was in last months issue.

Milly with Charlie and poor Lola (white chook) who passed away on Australia day, this was in the DVD and has a Jodie Butler flower on it.

This was Easter 2009 and was in this years Easter issue.

I seemed to have lost some photos of the other items in SC so I will re take them, when it stops raining and I find some spare time.
That's All Folks! Thanks Gilly ox


Christina said...

WOW!!!! these are a beautiful collection of work!!

Anonymous said...

all gorgeous! my fave would be "teddy" the blue and green!

Sarah Mullanix said... beautiful!!!!
Tons of inspiration!! TFS

Shell said...

Gorgeous Gilly. I agree with Jodie. LOVE the teddy one and the card is STUNNING!x

Ebony van der Starre said...

what an amazing collection of LOs gilly!! Love the once upon a time is just stunning!

Leanne said...

yay.. i love all your work.. its so beautiful..and the pics of Milly are amazingly stunning.....
wow... cant wait to see you again soon.

Brigitte G. said...

woww Gilly !!
you're catching up on your posts are you ? hehehe !!
looove your work, those LO are simply stunning !!
which one i prefer ?? hmmm.... perhaps the 'Once upon a time'... no... Milly and her Teddy... oh.. i love them all !! ;)

Stacy said...

These are amazing! They're so textured but you also have a great eye for detail. I would be surprised if you didn't have a plan for the layout and design before doing it. Wonderful stuff!!

Anonymous said...

OMG all these lo's are fabulous!! Milly is gorgeous!!! you did amazing on all these projects!!! all beautifuly done!!!

Debbi Tehrani said...

What a beautiful bunch of layouts!

Nerrida Mitchell said...

Ha, I found you Gillian - it was lovely to meet you at Fred the needle - its such a beautiful shop! Wow, what a showcase. Some great ideas there! Think my favourite is once upon a time.