Saturday, May 8, 2010


HI, Sorry I know it's been nearly a week since I did a post, I've been catching up on sleep etc since SIA, where I had just a great time, the people you meet there are just so nice and to also meet people face to face when you have chatted on line with them is great.
I will do a post on Monday, show so photos and tell some stories but I've off to work today, looking forward to having Mother's Day and Monday off.
Good news 3 of my LO's I had at SIA got picked up my SC and all up 20 LO's out of 36 on the Scrapware stand got picked up and Lisa Warren and Linda B are going to be doing a project together for SC looking forward to seeing that.
Lisa's class at SIA was said that it was the best class, so way to go Lisa!!
I am so behind on my scrapping I ran out of time for my Pink Ninja LO, have to do something extra special for next one coming up, Sorry girls you know I love you all!
Anyway better get ready for work and have a great Mother's Day.
That's All Folks! Thanks Gilly ox


Leanne said...

yay she's alive.. but where is your partner in crime.. was hoping you are both okay since havent seen you guys on here or around of late.. cant wait to see your wonderful creations and so glad that SIA was amazing..
happy days to you...

Leanne said...

oh forgot Happy MUMS day to you both.

Brigitte G. said...

heyyyy GIlly !!
soo nice to read you again !!
i had to go to FTN last time to get your card with your link and soo glad i'm back to read you and see what you're up to. Lots of good stuffs i can see !! well done girl, you deserve all this :)

hope to catch-up later on at the shop :)