Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Home Card

Hi, This is a New Home card I made for Renee and family, who moving home last weekend, I hope she has it by now.

I'm jumping into bed with my new book tonight, Sookie Stack house book 10.

That's All Folks! Thanks Gilly ox


Chantal said...

OMG - this is super dooper cute!!! Love it!!!

Sarah Mullanix said...

adorable card....are those the books that TrueBlood is based off of, if so, need to read those!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and sweet card!!! I love iT!!!!!

Leanne said...

sweet card.. oh and i'm hoping to do the whole book thing soon myself..

Janinek said...

Blog hopping from TCR - this is so stinking cute!!!! LOve it.