Saturday, August 28, 2010

Burlesque birthday bunting - woot!

What a birthday! Most people celebrate their birthday on the actual day they were born, well this year I celebrated on my real birthday on the actual day (Thursday 19th August) and then had birhday extension day number one, number two, three, four.... and so on!
On my birthday morning I was spoilt rotten by my darling husband and kids with an ebook reader!! (oh so very kool!) and then that night Gilly flew in from Sydney (awesome!) Then on Friday Gilly and I attended a crop at the LSS (meet some lovey girls there at Fancy That Scrapbooking) then on Saturday a few talented ladies gathered together at The shabby Scrap Shack for my 30th scrap bash! Gilly had organised everyone to create a flag each of a bunting instead of a card using the gorgeous ........ papers from ........ the bunting says: MAKING ROOM, to be hung over my desk in my making room!

And here's the result:

A Beautiful "M" created by Lisa Amiet.

A gorgeous "A" created by fellow Scrapware girl Taryn Stark.

My "K" :)

A stunning "I" created by Tracey St Johnwood.

An awesome "N" created by Geli Duncan

And check out the creativeness from my Friend Jessie Landreth, first time scraper, who wanted to join in the scrapy fun! I am highly impressed and would keep tabs on that one! hehe!

An elegant "R" created by Michelle Fowler of Lil' Red Rocket.

A divine "O" from Gilly!

A classically chic "O" created by Leanne Jago from Clouds and More.

And the finish the bunting this perfect "M" created by another Scrapware Girl Kim Jeffress.
Thanks for letting me share!
Luv Renee


Leanne said...

Just gorgeous!! Hope you had a great night!!

Kim said...

woot looks fab

Sarah Mullanix said...

oooooh, fantastic banner!!! i saw that you used a paper doily or two on there so if you like paper doilies then you should check out my blog!!


Leanne said...

thats awesome.. and truthfully it looks so like you.. glad you liked it....

Shell said...

It was a great night and the bunting was so much fun to make. I love the way it all came together. Each flag so different but they still all compliment each other beautifuly. x