Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Portrait of a Scrapbooker in SM

Hi, I'm such a lucky girl, on the same month as the front cover of SC I got the portrait of a scrapbooker in Scrapbooking Memories, which is very nice as I have never had anything is SM, but I wasn't going to say no lol! Thanks so much SM.

I got a beautiful Hand made card today off the very sweet Susan Grant, a cute phone bear from Leanne, a beautiful bloom hand made by Linda and last week I got some flowers and yummy chocolate from Dee, chocolate from my sister's and from my sister in law.

Today Linda came over to scrap and we created a LO together for a special project and I might be able to have a sneak peek tomorrow, it was a great day and I'm sooo happy with the LO, I can't stop looking at it!

That's All Folks!

Thanks Gilly ox


Shell said...

Yay well done Gilly x

Leanne said...

there once was a girl named Gilly
who scraps with all things frilly
she was scared by a possum
and lost her blossum
who some thought is alittle silly.

hows that grab you for a story...

Leanne said...

oh and woot woot for the portrait... that''ll tear the fork out of a certain someones nighty.