Thursday, September 23, 2010

The tooth LO!

You might have already seen this LO as I put it onto the Boxx yesterday (along with another 10 that I have done recently!)
This is the very first loose tooth of my eldest daughter Viola.
You can see the sore tongue, where she was constantly licking it!! When Viola saw this LO she was horrified " MUM did you have to scrap THAT photo!!" Hehehe!
I have used Srapware chippie (so love the rainbow!), a absolutely gorgeous Lil' Red Rocket fabric covered button, and a oh so cute as, lollipop pin and some funked up denim clouds byClouds and More.
Thanks for letting me share!
luv Renee


Chloe :-) said...

What a fun LO! Loving the LRR and Clouds and More goodies :-) yummy :-) and the zip!! Fab idea :-)

Leanne said...

So cute!!!

lizzyc said...

OF COURSE THIS PHOTO HAS TO BE SCRAPPED!!! i love all the fun embellies too!!

Leanne said...

did you say.. well you are a daughter of a scrapaholic so EVERYTHING gets scrapped...
thanks for the plug.. got to make some more of these an put them up... and yum.. i love everything...its so fun an happy even for a loose tooth..