Saturday, September 18, 2010

When Two Worlds Collide

Hi, My good friend Linda Baldock who is an amazing mixed media artist and I have been talking for a while about collaborating to create some layouts, and so we spent the better part of last Tuesday doing just that and the rest laughing about getting the London look!
(if you've seen the ad you will be laughing too, I don't think anyone would want the London look!)
Anyway I can't show the whole thing.. but here is some sneak peeks.

Hope you like the sneak peaks,
Milly had the Spring fair today at her school, it was lots of fun but I'm so tried and I'm scrapping tonight via phone with Renee, you might be asking how does that work? well you just scrap and talk about what you are doing and we email each other photos along the way and bit like an on line crop.
That's All Folks!
Thanks Gilly ox


Leanne said...

wow you TWO.. scrap phone.. sounds kind of... well i'll leave that up to your imaginations..

oh and that layout..looks very dark for you Gill but i love it.. and cant wait to see a full monty...

thats....38 words and 21 .'s lol

Samantha said...

LOL about the "London Look", I totally agree! Your layout looks amazing, I can't wait to see the whole thing :)

Shell said...

Gill, this looks DIVINE!! Cant wait to see the whole thing x

Anonymous said...

Amazing looking sneak peaks and I love the friendship you both have - so unique and wonderful