Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Swap A Photo Challenge AT Roctreat!

Hi, While I was up in QLD Renee and I went to Scrap camp at Leanne's house which we called Roctreat, we had a great time alot of scrapping, wine and lots of laughting.
Where was 10 girls in total, Me, Renee, Leanne, Tracey, Michelle, Geli, Lisa, Kim, Taryn, Belinda and Chloe.
We all have challenges to do and we had to bring 5 pces of paper so other people should use, anyway looking through the pile of paper I spotted a very nasty paper and said "Who brought this one?" and pulled a face to go with it, (note: this was after 3 glasses of wine) When Taryn started laughing first which she can't keep a straight face like me and I knew it had to be her's or Kim's, turns out Kim was given it as part of a old DT pack, so all night we kept on saying and you win this paper which no one wanted to even look at. SO at 1.00am when Kim and Taryn went to bed Me, Renee, Tracy and Leanne set to work doing a LO using a photo of Kim's and the paper which we stuck her glue dots to because she kept on losing it, it was sooooo funny, Renee and I went to bed laughing and nearly wetting ourselves.
In the morning when Kim got up we had the nasty LO on the wall with all the other LO's we had done, and when she notices the LO that was it we all could stop laughing, Kim was such a good sport about it, I think we will be talking about the camp for years to come, Thanks soooo much Leanne.
Anyway this was a photo swap challenge and I was lucky enough to get Geli's beautiful daughter, I used TCP papers which we have at work, which I'm going back today so I better go and get ready.
And thanks to Taryn for making the cute flower,
That's All Folks!
Thanks Gilly ox


Leanne said...

LOL.. that story just had to be told.. lol...
oh it was so much fun..
and i think that if everyone wants to do it again.. i say yippeee.. oh and even had a couple say they;d bring caravans so we can sleep more.. but now i've had one i'll be more organized for the next.. it was a wonderful weekend.. thanks..

oh and that layout is so you.. and Geli LOVES it i'm sure.. anyho.have fun at work... thinkin of you.... SUgar BAby

Kim said...

tee hee I could show you the layout...but then I would have to kill you LOL
Love this one too, so soft and girly and pretty

Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

hiyaaa! I looove your blog and your scrapbooking style, all of your layouts are gorgeous! :D
Love your name btw, heehee.