Friday, November 19, 2010

Waiting For You

Hi, I did this LO while I was up at Renee's and I just forgot to put it on the blog, I've been doing a scrapbook album for my niece Mya, which I'm giving her for her 1st birthday so far I've only done 3 LO's, hoping to get some done on Chrissy hoildays.
The photo is off Mya's mum my sister in law Lisa, I think she was about 36 weeks here, I've left the journal tag so she can fill it in with the details.
I stabbed myself a couple of times making the holes for the stitching lol!
The gate and swirl is from Scrapware.
And the owls are back on the sides, I was missing them too much and
THANKS so much to Shell for making the new header for Nay and I oxo
That's All Folks!
Thanks Gilly ox


lizzyc said...

how lovely this is!! love the stitching with the butterfly.. very special!!

Jessemiah said...

Fabuloso Gilly!The stitching was worth the stabbing it looks awesome...I too am always rocking sore fingers....I get distracted while stitching lol That ribbon looks soooooo gorgeous....Love and PEace xox

Leanne said...

woot woot.. that is super... love it.. and must say that the banner look superb..woot woot.

Chloe :-) said...

Wow, gorgeous page :-) love the stitching and butterfly :-) the new header looks AWESOME!!!

Geli Duncan said...

another gorgeous page!!! I love your title, so sweet and the butterfly is perfect.

Cazz said...

Awesome LO!!! Love that ribbon bow u have done. Love the new design but the owls are really u. Banner is brillant.

Leanne said...

what a gorgeous LO! Your SIL will treasure it! And so will Mya, I'm sure!

Lovin' the new blog header!!

Anonymous said...

oh that butterfly on her stomach is such a beautiful touch and i just love that big bow

Kim said...

OOO love it to pieces, your headed looks awesome BTW