Saturday, January 15, 2011

Being Thankful!

Hi, Well what a week, I can't watch the news anymore about the floods as it's to upsetting all those people who lost their homes and some their lives, I was so Thankful to hear from Renee on Tuesday night after work and over the next day or so from scrappy friends in QLD.
I was on the phone with Leanne Jago who lives just outside Toowoomba late Tuesday night and she was telling me about the street being flooded and what was happening around her, but with all this we where on the phone laughing about this lady we kept on seeing on channel 9 making ham salad sandwiches and that she put 3 slices of ham on 1 sandwiches, we were saying thats no much HAM, what if you don't like ham, (maybe you had to be there, it was funny) lol! But it just shows you that you can have the worst days of your live, but with friends around you there is always something to make you smile or laugh or sometimes have that Poise moment lol!
It just makes me even more Thankful for what I have.
That's All Folks! Thanks Gilly oxo


Shell said...

I agree Gilly.
So greatful that all our friends are safe and well.
I too have had to switch the tv off. I feel incredibly sad for every one effected and exreamly blessed to be so fortunate that we moved when we did. x

Leanne said...

still laughing.. just tellin BB about it.. oh man.. funny times...