Sunday, January 23, 2011

I brought Milly A Piano On Ebay!

Hi, On Thursday night I won a Piano on Ebay for $76.00, the piano is very old and needs lots of loving and tuning, these are photos as we started cleaning it up, you might be thinking why do we need a piano and next where are was going to put it? Well from the first week back at school Milly is starting piano lessons, which I booked in in Sep last year, Milly has been on the waiting list.
Milly has to practise at home after school and yes we have a keyboard but it's not the same, myself I would love to learn how to play as my Grandmother used to be a pianist.
Ben has pulled off the front covers.
The top of the key cover thingy is very damaged.
The front piano covers.
I will post photos once the piano is been cleaned up.
That's All Folks!
Thanks Gilly oxo


lizzyc said...

wow a good deal i reckon.. i love the top cover.. it looks loved and has a lot of stories to tell if it could talk!

Leanne said...

i love all your technical terms for the parts of the
awesome and have fun with Milly learning it... super..

Lisa Amiet said...

what a bargain, some sandpaper and it will be like brand new again, love redoing old stuff :) Hope Milly has a ball learning piano xoxo

Geli Duncan said...

I grew up with a piano in the house. I learned to play too but was never as good as my sister and not nearly as inspired as she. The sound of piano music wafting through an open window is still the sound of home to me. Just get some ear muffs for the first year!