Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday!!

Ok ladies for those of you who don't know I have been working my butt off, literally!! I have joined up with a group of amazing gals who want to get in shape and change not only their bodies but their lives! Check out the 2nd weeks results here and the awesome prizes.
Last week I didn't weigh in as I was in Perth visiting my gorgeous little nephew Neddy and his mummy my sis Tanya. So today I am weighing in for 2 weeks.
So as of this morning I have dropped 2.4kgs over the last 2 weeks!! Am very happy with my results and look forward to the next weeks results!!
I have upped my exercise routine and can now feel myself being fitter than I have in years (probably since high school!! LOL!)
 So now I can share my absolute favourite snackage of all time (bonus that it is healthy!)

Yogurt Dip :)
Light Greek Yogurt
Lemon Juice

Mix all 3 ingredients together to (quantities to suit your our taste buds) and cut up raw veg (carrots, cucumbers, celery) and dip away!
I even love it with those little rice crackers, or as a dressing on salad and instead of mayo.
I am so not into sweet yogurts (yucky!!) but I can totally dish down on this yogurt and nearly always have some made up in the fridge - really satisfying!!

Thanks for all the encouragement!!
Luv Renee


Dale Tiernan said...

Awesome Renee. Great effort.

Leanne J said...

awesome Nay..well dont forget your walking/running clothes..and we can go on sat morning... if you want that is...

Nerrida said...

Oh I gotta try that snack. Way to go Nay!

Dolly B said...

Well Done! I have been VERY slack and dont think I have lost any weight as yet :( Your receipe sounds scrumptious, very much like Tzatziki, which we ate bucket loads of when we were in Patmos. It has lebenese Cucumbers in it and garlic and extra virgin olive oil, other wise the same.
Keep up the good work
Mary x

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

That is great Renaee soon if you stand sideways we wont be able to see you.No in all seriousness well done love dee (yeah I can't spell)ha ha

Kim said...

ooo that dip sounds yummy yummy, good luck with your weight loss!!!looking froward to seeing less of you on Sat...although I dont think I needed to see less of you in the first place

Belinda Lowe said...

There was nothing of you and now there is even less of you - great effort

Nay and Gilly said...

Great Job Nay! Gillyox

Emily said...

Great job Renee.... that's awesome! I am going to try that recipe! Sounds really good!

Penny said...

Ooo I like the sound of that snacky Renee. You are doing so well!

Karen Shady said...

YAY !!!!! way to go Renee xx... Im so happy that people have taken on this challenge, and are doing so well.... That snack sounds pretty yum too. thanks for sharing :)