Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday take 3

How quickly do we arrive back at Wednesday every week?
I can't believe how fast this past week has actually gone.
This past week I have had Gilly (darling) come and stay and she and I took a trip inland and up the mountian to Toowoomba to visit some awesome scrappy buddies (pic's to come :)
But as lovely as this past week end was (and I did have an absolute blast BTW) I had a massive blowout and actually gained just under a kg.
So keeping this in mind I really lost 0.5kgs which is actually awesome but would have been 1.4kgs had I have not had the blowout! (but it was totally worth it!!)
So this puts my total weight loss during the challenge at 3kgs!!

I am happy with my results and can see a difference now.
My tip on modifying is not about modifying my food as much as it is about modifying the way I eat.
Firstly I have stopped serving such large portions. Secondly I try and eat much slower now. I used to scoff my food down in no time at all and then quickly have 2nds, now I really take a bit more time to eat my meals and find that my "I'm full" reflex kicks in so I have no desire to over eat. I think that I have a fairly fast metabolism but I was extremely guilty of larger portions and over eating.

Thanks for sharing in my achievement!!
Luv Renee


Karen Shady said...

FABULOUS ACHIEVEMNENT Renee... yay for you... sounds like the 'blowout' was warrented LOL !!!!

Nerrida said...

Well good on you Renee 1. for being honest about it all and 2. for having such a fabulous attitude. Your modifications are exactly what I needed to do to - too big a serving & eating too fast. But 3 kilos is just brilliant and its great to hear you're feeling the difference - its more encouraging then eh?

Kim said...

woot woot Renee keep up the fab job, you will get there , although you look fabulous just as you are!!!!

Leanne J said...

we still went for 1 walk for the weekend... whoops.. but would have to agree that its all about moderation and woot woot for being honest..

Beckie said...

Wow Your doing awesome Renee!! I find it encouraging when you can start to feel the difference. Keep up the good work!!

Dolly B said...

you are doing great & I agree about moderation. I know our family eats way to big meal sizes and to fast, so I have been trying to serve up smaller portions.
Cant wait to see all the pics of your weekend
Mary x

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

good on you Renee.I bet it was all Gills fault you put on ha ha .But seriously a loss is a loss no matter how small and all worthy of praise-love dee

Sar said...

Hey there beautiful girl! So excited to connect with you again and have been checking out your blog. Such gorgeous work from both you & Gilly. Will definitely be adding you to my blog list. Chat soon. Thanks so much to Gilly for making the connection for me...I'm still such a blonde, lol!! Cheers, Sar xx

Angie said...

Well done! You are an inspiration!