Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday take 5

I cant believe that it comes around so very quickly again! But here it is Weigh in Wednesday!
I'm happy to report a loss this week, of 1.7kgs.
After my gain from the last weigh in, I was determined to try and make up for it this week.
This puts my current weight at 55.3kgs with a running total, over the past 5wks, of 4.2kgs!!
What is my secret weapon you might ask? Well I purchased Just dance 2, for the wii this week (on special at Big W!) and it is an awesome workout that I can do with my kids!! I don't feel like I am taking time away from my family which before was a major dampener to me actually exercising and the kids love to "play" just dance with mum!

This week we have to set ourselves mini goals, so my mini goal is to lose the last 800grs!! I believe that if I stick with it and keep exercising I can achieve this! 
Thanks so much for all the encouragement and kind words, I feel fitter, healthy and look better than I have since 2001!
Luv Renee


Nerrida said...

Hmm, just tried to leave a comment but something screwy happened. Good luck with that last 800 Renne - you are SO CLOSE! And including the kids - good for you!

Dale Tiernan said...

Way to go girl. That is awesome. Just Dance sounds like something I would enjoy. I've been ignoring the Wii as it is summer and I'd prefer to be outdoors exercising but I'll bring it back out in winter. Might have to buy the Dance game.

Leanne J said...

oh i knew you could do it.. yay.. keep up the awesome work.. we just got a spin bike on Sunday and OMG my legs feel like they have spun around the world and back.. and thats only 2 days of 15 min sessions..and tarj LOVED timing
anyho.. good mummy you.. see you soon.

Karen Shady said...

way to go Renee !!!!! you ae soooo close to your goal... keep up th great work xx

Beckie said...

Wow!!! Awesome loss, I might need to dance a bit more LOL Well done. It always helps when exercise is fun, it makes it easier to do.

Chantal said...

Well done! I haven't got Just Dance, is it really good? I think it's got cool music like Lady Gaga etc hey. Sounds good! I've got Wii Fit - I love it. I'm best at "heading" you know where you hit the soccer ball with your head. I'm ace at that one!!! lol!