Thursday, October 22, 2009

Charlie & Lola

Hi, Just a quick one which I did last night for a sketch challenge on IB.
Milly in the garden with her pet chooks Charlie and Lola, Milly has had the chooks for 18 mths now, thay walk about the garden all day and eat all the bugs and EVIL worms, and every now and then we get a egg if we are lucky lol. Gilly ox

Sorry out for publication


ally serrato said...

oh my!! this is beautiful!!! i loooooove that paper with the cows on it ~ and all the embelishments are perfect!!!

Brigitte G. said...

Heyy Gilly !!
finally made it to your blog !! i actually lost the piece of paper where you've written your blog link it is...found it !!
loove your LO here.... very cuuuute ;) Well done :)

Hugs from the Blue mountains :)