Monday, January 11, 2010

Coco Sketch #39

Hi, Here is the LO I did last night using the IB sketch #39, I used a Kenner Rd kit which has alot of Sass in there, but also I used one of the buttons which Shell (see older post, for shop details)made for me, goes really well with Sass paper.
This is Milly Guinea Pig Coco, which I brought as an early Christmas present, Guinea Pig cost $25.00, 2 hutches, a run and everything else later an extra $200.00, you might be asking why 2 hutches, well in Penrith it gets really hot like tomorrow it's going to be 40 degrees, so he needs to be inside so he has a indoor hutch, so he doesn't get to hot.
He is really cute and loves my hubby Ben, Milly he's not sure about as she keeps on turning him upside down and looking at he's bum lol!

That's all folks, Thanks Gilly ox


euphoria said...

your LOs are freakin awesome! Love this!!

Sweet Escape said...

i love the colors on this one!!!,,so awesome!!,,each one of your layouts is a hit in my books!!,,you are one talented girly!!!

ChiLLi said...

Cute! .. great colours!