Thursday, January 21, 2010

Milly's uniform and my 2nd dress I made.

Hi, I don't have a finished LO, but I wanted to show off Milly's new dress which I made her this week, this is only the 2nd dress I've made so I'm pretty happy with it, please note Milly's face I said "smile," and she said through her teeth "I am smiling!" don't you just love kids lol!

Also check out Milly's school uniform, it looks so big,

Her bag is almost as big as her lol!

I have some sad news about Coco, he has a sore leg, at first we thought it was broken, but he's moving it around tonight. Ben my hubby is going to take him to the vets tomorrow if he's still having trouble.

That's all folks! Thanks Gilly ox


Christina said...

What a CUTE dress!!! My daughter does the same thing "I am smiling mom!!" so I always get the raise eyebrows in the pics of her lol
She looks sooo cute in her school uniform too!! aww!!

Shell said...

Gorgeous dress Gilly. You are multi talented aren't you. Clever girl.
How cute does Milly look in her uniform. LOL about the smiling thing.
I hope Coco is feeling better soon. xx

Mo said...

oh no! i hope coco feels better!!! kisses! milly's dress is beautiful! how talented...i WISH i could do that!