Monday, June 6, 2011

Wow Blog Post!

Hi, I was really lucky to receive one of the NEW Page Display Stands which come in 3 sizes 6x6, 8x8 and 12x12, I just really love these stands as sometimes the layout gets beyond the 12x12 size as in the case of my layout below or sometimes it's nice to put your current layout on display in your home.
What I also love about these stands is they have two sides to them, for the first side I used a white wash look and added abit of bling using vintage glitter glass on some parts of the stand and the other side I inked in dark brown then added some crackle paint and to finish it off I painted some Glimmer Glaze on to the parts I wanted to highlight.
Both sides of the stand suit the layout of Milly which this photo was taken when she was about 4, by a photographer  friend Corrine Dany,
I also used the Flourish D which I cut in half and painted in brown glimmer glaze then I coated with clear rock candy crackle paint and the NEW Peacock, which was just asking to be blinged up with
vintage glitter glass.
I just love the look of Vintage Glitter Glass, but in this case It was abit too bright for the peacock so I toned it down with the brown Glimmer Glaze.
Close up of Flourish D
So keep your eyes out for these beautiful Page Display Stands in your local Scrap Store.
That's All Folks!
Thanks Gilly oxo


Dolly B said...

Wow! stunning layout Gilly

Mary x

Nay and Gilly said...

this looks AWESOME Gilly!! Mr. Peacock looks fantastic!
luv R

lizzyc said...

oh this looks amazing! the peacock looks fabulous.. i imagine it is even better in real life too!! xx

Kim said...

gosh that is just one stunning layout!!!!

Leanne J said...

OMG that is devine.. all of it.. the STAND and of course the Layouts in the stand..unbelievable..
see you real soon my gorgeous and shrinking lady.. mwah...

Toni said...

This layout is absolutely amazing!