Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hi, It's Christmas Time, hope you all had a great Christmas!
It feels like it was only August for me, when we moved into our new house, which we had our fist Christmas party at on Boxing Day, we had 25 people over for a sit down lunch, thanks to me borrowing the tables and chairs from the Girl Guide hall.
This week I created a Christmas Bunting from Wow Chipboard to hang on our fire place.
 I filmed a step by step on how to create this bunting, but I doesn't want to work on you tube, so next week I'll re film it and then post it or repair it someone is going to have a look for me, but I had a wait until he wasn't busy.
For these Cute Christmas Stocking Bunting,
I used: 3 pieces of papers to cover,
2 pieces to create the rosettes,
3 metres of lace,
Micro Beads,
Kindy Glitz,
Border Punch,
File Set,
Hot Glue Gun
& Score Board.

I was thinking about adding some hat pins as well.

I'll keep working on the video so please keep your eyes out for it.
have a wonderful Christmas Time
 Renee and Gilly oxo


Kim said...

This is just the sweetest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leanne J said...

i LOVE your new blog header... woohooo.. amazing.. amazing...and oh so superbly both of you..

wow.. and happy day to you..and i just love that bunting..you are a bunting master..